Our Story

Yukly is a grassroots, sibling run brand created by a sister and brother living on opposites sides of the planet.

Alice is the artist who started creating and developing the characters from her Melbourne bedroom in mid-2019, under the moniker Yukly, after realising Australia can be pretty cold in winter. Ben is the brains that drive Yukly as a brand, running it from the London office since returning from seven years snowboarding all over Japan, with a family in tow. 

We’ve teamed up to create a Streetwear brand that aims to be ethical, sustainable and make a difference where it counts. 

Yukly is for the person who loves to be their honest and weird self; the person who gives their dreams a shot; the person willing to bomb down a mountain or roll up on the pavement and the person who wants to make a difference in the world, no matter how big or small.